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Among the many reality and amateur sites out there MONICA AT BANGBUS. MONICA is absolutely one of our favorites! So after the complete pounding of Reagan, Shane, Ugly and I were getting known around the campus. I mean, you know how guys talk, so anyway, one night after a round of bong hits I recieved a telephone call from a great friend of mine who likes to call himself romeo - its a latin thing. So he tells me he's got to be with us for our next ride out and offered me a bit of cash that I could not turn down. With that money I bought my first camera to take pictures of all our memorable moments . We all got together the next day and it appeared that the gods were not going to smile down upon us, therefore rain and a fucking lot of it... pouring to put it best. We couldn't find any chicks and I was feeling bad because we talked all this shit and we looked like fucking punks. Then my main partner, Ugly, had a flash of brilliance "what about the bus stops?" And there she was, soaking wet and standing, waiting for a bus. Monica was the best kind of chick, the way I like em, fiesty and bitchy. So we pulled up and tried our best to start a half assed conversation. We pulled out some of our best lines, it's the comedy thing which the chicks usually love but it didn't seem to be too effective this time. So we left her there only to return moments later. I thought it would be funny and cute to come back and honk the horn, stuff like kids do, so she came over, we offered some money to ask questions and she finally got in, carefully of course. I have a way of making girls feel comfortable..the truth is that this movie is so intense and raw, I dont want to say anymore because when you mix Sanchez and a bitchy girl together the combination is truley a dirty mess.................................... Check out Monica at Bangbus. Monica if you want the best in reality porn!

Monica at Bangbus. Monica

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Three items of Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica dress and some nice perfume. She was ready. Her boyfriend only smiled and reached for his coat when she came into the den. They Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica walked through the kitchen and into the garage without speaking. He opened the car door for her and closed it after she settled into the leather seat. She watched him walk around the front of the car, watched him smile and hold her eyes. He knows me well, she told herself, he knows I'm excited and he's enjoying it, enjoying every Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica minute of it. He opened his Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica door and eased into the car before he spoke. "Still want this?" he asked, smiling. She only Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica nodded yes for an answer. He pulled a Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica black scarf from his coat pocket and leaned toward her to cover her eyes. I slowly slid out Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica till just the tip of my shaft kept the love tunnel open. On my second thrust I buried my shaft all the way. I could feel the oil working, a cool and tingly sensation. But I was expecting the sensation, Karen wasnÕt. OOH youÕve u-used th-that O Oil again, havenÕt Y-YOU!, she stammered. I thrust long and deep, making sure the oil bathe the whole of her insides, I carried on with slow Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica long thrust, bringing Karen to two more very noisy orgasms, before I wanted to change to an other position. I needed to see all of her young lovely body, I withdrew my Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica shaft, from a very wet love shoot. NO NO put it back in, she screamed. ItÕs all right, IÕm just changing Monica_at_Bangbus._Monica positions.
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